Fall 2016-2017 Enrollment is Open

Starting September 1st, the Fall 2016-2017 term's enrollment has opened! If you are a current student, you may use the new course enrollment feature of the NPBC website. If you are a new, transfer, or early admit student, you'll need to submit an application to NPBC. NPBC's website now features an online application, so you can apply from the comfort of anywhere with internet connectivity! You can see the courses that will be offered this Fall by choosing Course Schedule from the Academics tab on the dropdown menu.

We've been feverishly working to improve different aspects of the student experience. Many of these improvements are small, but very helpful. One example is the search box at the bottom of the NPBC website. Looking for something at the website? Try searching for it; it may save you some time!

The staff and faculty are excited to see the Lord work in the lives and minds of the student body of NPBC. We hope your Fall is a wonderful and growing time with the Lord!

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