NPBC Students Going to India

In November 2017, a team of committed Christ-followers from several churches in the Portland metro area will be going to India. They will be going with Passion 4 People International to Hyderabad, India for 10 days to serve the overlooked and oppressed.

Four of NPBC’s very own students will be part of that team: Jonathan Daugherty, Kendra Daugherty, Wendy Bender, and Emily Oreglia.

Jonathan is working toward the Associate’s Degree in Christian Ministry, and his wife Kendra on a Certificate in Biblical Studies. Kendra has also been the Administrative Assistant at NPBC since 2016. They (pictured) are both very excited for this opportunity, as they believe this to be the first step in God’s calling to long-term missions overseas together.

Wendy Bender and Emily Oreglia were students in the Sonrise Pilot Program for youth and youth workers during this school year to study the Gospels.

The India trip particulars will involve ministry in the slums, medical camps in outlying villages, youth outreach using sports, and visiting orphanages and schools. The hope is that when the physical and emotional needs are met through these ways, the opportunity will arise to share the hope in Jesus Christ and meet their spiritual needs as well. Since starting, P4PI has washed over 20,000 feet and ministered to over half a million people, seeing thousands trust in Christ and hundreds serving the least of these in His name and by His power.

Highlights of India Mission Trip

· Flip flop clinics: washing feet, addressing medical needs, giving sandals

· Spending time in the village and slums

· Gospel sharing and prayer

· Women’s conferences

· Youth outreach

· Sight-seeing

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