NPBC Counseling Courses

NPBC Counseling Courses

Caring for People God’s Way I, II, III

Winter, Spring, and Summer terms 2017-2018

Breaking Free I, II, III

Fall, Winter, and Spring terms 2018-2019

Stress and Trauma Care I, II, III

Fall, Winter, and Spring terms 2019-2020

Program Goal

NPBC’s Counseling Program is designed to train students to become spiritual and emotional caregivers. Students will develop skills for helping and supporting individuals who are struggling through a crisis in their spiritual or everyday lives. These crises may include the loss of one’s faith, questioning who or where God is in a difficult situation, or events such as death, grief, broken relationships, divorce, and illness.

This program teaches how to come alongside those seeking spiritual growth or that want to have a deeper relationship with God. Some individuals may be questioning God and seeking answers to their life circumstances, while others desire friendship and support.

Commonly Asked Questions

Who belongs in this course?

¨ Compassionate people who want to help others.

What is the Lay Counselor’s role?

¨ To walk alongside another person that we see is struggling with spiritual and emotional pain.

What skills will help the Lay Counselor?

¨ The ability to listen to people.

¨ The ability to set healthy boundaries.

¨ The ability to discover your authentic self.

¨ The ability to empathize with those that are hurting.

How can one be an effective Lay Counselor?

¨ Have a willingness to build resources.

¨ Have demonstrated listening skills.

¨ Have a biblical understanding of God, yourself, and others.

¨ Be willing to show grace in difficult situations.

The intent of this program is to help Lay people, church leaders, and workers to more effectively offer support, encouragement, and counsel to others. These individuals will learn to be Good Samaritans in their everyday ministry as humble servants ministering to the hurting and broken-hearted, knowing that God is our ultimate Counselor and Guide.

*this program is not designed to prepare a student for licensure as a professional counselor.

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