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North Portland Bible College takes student tuition seriously, and has fought to make Higher Education affordable.  With the result that NPBC is your best bet for affordable Higher Education in the Portland Area.

"The hidden gem of the greater Portland Area" - Eric

Admissions Costs:

Application Fee: $25 (non-refundable)

Reading/Writing Placement Test: Generally $15, fee as determined by testing school.

Course Costs:

Tuition: $95/credit hour ($285/3 credit course)

Late Registration Fee: $10/course for enrollment after the first week of class

Technology Fee: $10.50 per term

Books: Variable depending on course, but we attempt to keep book costs down. Students      

     are responsible for procuring their own textbooks.

Financial Assistance Processing Fee: $7.50 per application

Graduation Costs:

Associate of Christian Ministry Degree Processing Fee: $15

Certificate Fee: $10 (maximum)

Graduation Fee: $25 (maximum)


Miscellaneous Costs:

Returned Bank Item Fee: $15 (subject to change depending on bank policy)

Late Payment Fee: $5 (per week of contract)

Transcript Request: $5 (per transcript sent)

Photocopies: $0.10 (per page)

Tuition Payment

Tuition is due prior to the first class session, however, when necessary, a student may pay one third upon enrollment or first class, and the rest by a planned written agreement with the business office.


All payments must be made in US currency by debit/credit card, cashier's check, money order, cash, or personal check, drawn on a US bank and made payable to North Portland Bible College. (Note: North Portland Bible College does not keep cash on hand, and is unable to accept bills larger than $20.00.)


North Portland Bible College reserves the right to make changes in fees, course programs, and all administrative structures described in our catalog and elsewhere without prior notice.



Returned Check Policy

Checks returned for nonpayment will carry a penalty surcharge that will be billed to the student's account along with the amount of the check. The amount of the surcharge is subject to change depending on bank policy.


Withdrawl/Refund Policy

All withdrawal and/or refund requests must be made in writing. The date of withdrawal is the date that the signed request is received in the NPBC office.  Withdrawal forms are available in the online Student Instructions area.


     First Week of Class - 100%

     Second Week of Class - 90%

     Third Week of Class - 80%

     Fourth Week of Class - 50%

     Fifth Week of Class - 25%

     No Refunds Thereafter


Financial Aid

North Portland Bible College does not have publically funded financial aid. However, some scholarship aid is provided through private donors. Usually scholarships are granted only to applicants who have already demonstrated their commitment and ability to do the work. Scholarship applications are available on request at the office.


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